Extended hopes

Every morning we wake up expecting a bright new day, full of hopes and excitement. What if….our whole day is picture perfect….imagine a day when you get everything right…do all your chores perfectly…meet good people…and in the end have a very nice sleep. I guess there are people who do get these heaven like days once in a while…so do we. Working like patriotic citizen, making others happy, your family being nice to you and in the end have a good night’s sleep…(i have repeated the ‘sleeping’ sentance a lot..that because it is like that…a good day ends up with a very good sleep).
You also might get sleep even if your day is bad….and if you are a sleepy person. Maybe..sleep can change your atitude for the next day. Okay…topic is getting diverted. Back to hopes.
On the previous day, i was chatting with my friend, and asked her how she spends her day..(she is 18, and not yet in college). She started telling me that..her day starts by morning jogs, newspaper, breakfast, tv, laptop, tv, laptop, food, tv, laptop, tv, laptop, tv, laptop. Then sleep. That was a stab through the chest. You want to make a great day…and you end up ruining it by making all those stupid hopes…sheesh!
For example, you expect to do something really good…like, me, who wanted to do a very nice blog… It took me 3 days and two nights to work up my head and type…. This is my fourth day. And guess what. I’m done. Hopes of a nice blog is shattered…..

P.S….don’t let that happen. If u want to do so.ething today, do it and complete it.
Procrastination would leave behind empty and uninteresting blogs… 



It would not make any sense….
Assume….you are living in the most peaceful world….you have a good job, good mindset, good people and…well…you name it….
The situation turns out to be a disaster when it comes to choices….there would have been this moment in life…when you basically wanted to stop everything and just kick your bucket…
This is just what happend to me today. I am a teenager..very eager to get into a collage…..things turned out to be bad since i had two choices as my career options. I could either be a medico or else i’d end up as an architect….whatever..one was my dream and the other was my talent…..
It really sucks when you have no choice…rather…when you can’t make a choice…it would tear your flesh..just to make you think what you want..but then you are just too stubborn to let yourself know what you want….but then..hey…its your life….and hell yeah..you should definitly know what to do about it….or..if you don’t..i don’t get it…whats the point of worrying?? Lets believe in a teeny weeny bit of fate…and let fate let us move….something is better than nothing….
Life teaches us to be what we have to become. As they always say…learn from your falls….and never loose hope. Just think to move forward whatever it may take…because….once you turn back….you will find it difficult to move forward….

Hello world! its been a dream lately..to scream…..nd hey…i guess this is the begining…..to bring out the wildcat of life and well…trying to be myself inspite being dragged of by the life at home..nd being jobless….i really hope to share my views on peoples life and bring about the aspects of whats going on around the little space that we live in….

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